Une musique vibrante de vie

Auteur Compositeur Interprète, Beltane Angel a sorti son premier album en 2007 "Rêve éveillé" suivi de "Après la nuit" en 2012 et "Sombres Romances" en 2017. 

L'univers de Beltane Angel tourne souvent autour de ses thèmes de prédilections: le sens de la vie, la profondeur de l'être, la spiritualité, la mort, la mélancolie, la psychologie, l'amour et la sexualité. 

Beltane angel, is a French songwriter. Born and raised in the middle of different cultures, he knew very young that the most important part of your creativity comes from who you are more than the style of music you produce.

Music for him is the soul of your inner vibration, more than a combination of sound, this is the expression of a true feeling, something unpredictable coming from nowhere and going nowhere...

Beltane has spent his entire life by searching the meaning of life, digging his own personality and controversy to bring his Art a very special touch, where music meets sadness and death is a not the end but a long process of understanding.

inspired by the Electro scene, and a mixed sexual avant-garde atmosphere Beltane generosity is already here with these strong melodies, spiritual and true, sad and deep, beautiful because true....

discover here his brand new album and his videos throughout his various inspirations, from Mylene farmer to Tim Burton and from Erasure to bjôrk,

you'll love to travel the world and maybe more with Beltane, sad but truly

joyful, a full motion picture invitation to a strange but fascinating trip ...

Check it live, check it now you 'll never be the same after.